-Canon Br/ Strider Apologists
-Incest/Pedophilia Shippers or Supporters
-If You Romanticize Killing Stalking
-Abuse/R*pe Apologists


Note: I do not kin real people, that's wrong and pretty weird. For my DSMP kins, I strictly kin only the character they portray.
Additionally, me kinning a character does not mean I condone and/or agree with all, or even any, of their actions. For most of them, I usually just kin certain parts of them, not every aspect.

C!Philza MinecraftDream SMP/ HardcoreHighest/Perma KinComfort
C!TommyInnitDream SMPHigh/SecondaryComfort
C!TechnobladeDream SMPHighComfort
Karkat VantasHomestuckHigh/Perma Kin & SelfhoodComfort
Dave StriderHomestuckHighComfort
C!GhostburDream SMPHigh-
C!TubboDream SMPRegular-
C!RanbooDream SMPRegular-
C!JschlattDream SMPRegularComfort
Marshall LeeAdventure TimeRegular-
Michael MellBe More ChillRegularComfort
Kankri VantasHomestuckRegular-
Cronus AmporaHomestuckRegularComfort
Roman SandersSanders SidesRegularComfort
Virgil SandersSanders SidesRegularComfort
Patton SandersSanders SidesRegularComfort
AxelKingdom HeartsRegularComfort
RoxasKingdom HeartsRegularComfort
Lance McClainVoltron: Legendary DefenderMinor-
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIHow To Train Your DragonMinorComfort
The OncelerThe LoraxMinor-
Rich GoranskiBe More ChillMinorComfort
Present MicBoku No Hero AcademiaMinorComfort
Shoto TodorokiBoku No Hero AcademiaMinor-
Travis PhelpsSally FaceMinor-
Hikaru HitachiinOuran High School Host ClubMinor-
Crutchie MorrisBroadway NewsiesMinor-
Draco MalfoyHarry PotterMinor-


Nick | 16 | He/Him | Taurus | ENFP | Knight of Blood | Prospit Dreamer | Hufflepuff

Classically training in singing, guitar player, actor, romantic, not-very-skilled graphic designer, amateur film maker

I also have ADHD and I kin for trauma/coping reasons along with comfort & fun

Additionally, I have PTSD, so I'm very jumpy, especially when it comes to sudden noises. I dissociate fairly often, so please be patient with me!

Uhbhbhbvhvbh I also purposefully misspell things for my own comfort!! I'll oftentimes replace "s" with "z" and "o" with "0", as well

Password is "Homeo Bromeo" or "h0nk!!"


-Dr/gs (especially w//d)
-R/pe jokes
-Sudden, loud noises
-Door slamming
-Ab/se by siblings
-Excessive talk of Br/ Strider
-Sudden outbursts of anger
-The names L/ke (u) and S/niya (o)
-The nickname g/rlie (i) / g/rly (i) or any variation of it
-Negative talk/bashing religions, especially Christianity
-Talk of burning religious properties/things such as bibles


(Click Each Aesthetic Photo For Their Carrd)

The Soup Collective

Closest Relation, Multiple
(Currently has no personal Carrd)

Most Noteable Relations In-System:

Awesamdude - Adoptive Father
Technoblade - Adoptive Father
Dream - Adoptive Father
J. Schlatt - Adoptive Father
Alex/Quackity - Adoptive Father
Philza M. - Adoptive Father
Extension!Philza - Adoptive Father
Sapnap - Adoptive Father
Karl - Adoptive Father
Phil - Adoptive Father
Kristin - Adoptive Mother
Sam Nook - Adoptive Father
Puffy - Adoptive Mother
Ibuki - Adoptive Mother
Patton - Adoptive Father
Logan - Adoptive Father
Janus - Adoptive Father
Shouta - Adoptive Father
Hizashi - Adoptive Father
Morinozuka - Adoptive Father
Sykkuno - Uncle
Corpse - Uncle
Eret - Auncle
Wilbur - Uncle
Tubbo - Brother
Toast - Brother
Extension!Wilbur - Brother
Extension!Tommy - Brother
Tommy - Brother
Balter - Sibling
Izuku - Brother
Makoto - Brother
Jirou - Sister
Haruhi - Sibling
Mitsukuni - Brother
Ranboo - Sibling-In-Law
Mellohi - "Sister" (Close Friend)
Wilbur (Streambur) - "Brother" (Close Friend)
Chat - Close Friend

The Rose Water System

Multiple Relations
(Currently has no personal Carrd)

Most Noteable Relations In-System:

Dirk - Boyfriend <33
Punz - Best Friend & Brother
Jschlatt - Adoptive Father
Quackity - Adoptive Father
Philza - Adoptive Father
Breeze - Adoptive Father
Dream/Steell - Adoptive Father
Hange - Adoptive Mother
Edith - Adoptive Mother
Puffy - Adoptive Mother
Redza/Watson - Uncle
Orangeza - Uncle
Technoblade - Brother
Wilbur - Brother
Tommy - Brother
Ghostbur - Brother
Alivebur - Brother
Tubbo - Brother
Awesam - Brother
Lela - Sister
Asami - Sister
Wanda - Sister
Pietro - Brother
Tyler - Twin Brother
Porrim - Close Friend/Niece-in-Law
Korra - Niece
Eridan - Great Nephew
Wyatt - Great Nephew
Mochi - Close Friend
Aranea - Close Friend
Meenah - Close Friend
Slimecicle - Close Friend
Minx - Close Friend
Eret - Close Friend


One of the Close Homies B]
(Daughter of RW Technoblade;
Currently has no personal Carrd)

The Crescent Moon Collective

Multiple Relations
(Currently has no personal Carrd)

Most Noteable Relations In-System:

Philza - Adoptive Father
Schlatt - Adoptive Father
Glatt - Adoptive Father
Foolish - Adoptive Father
BadBoyHalo - Adoptive Father
Dream - Adoptive Mother
Pinkza - Uncle
Karl - Uncle
Technoblade - Brother
Wilbur - Brother
Vilbur - Brother
Tommy - Brother
Ghostbur - Brother
FundyS - Brother
Eret - Sibling
Ranboo - Close Friend/Brother-in-Law
Fundy - Nephew
Tubbo - "Brother" (Very Close Friend)

The Mooncake Collective

Multiple Relations
(Currently has no personal Carrd)

Most Noteable Relations In-System:

Jschlatt - Adoptive Father
Jasper Schlatt - Adoptive Mother
CS!Schlatt - Adoptive Father
Philza - Adoptive Father
BadBoyHalo - Adoptive Father
Ghostbur - Adoptive Father
Wil - Adoptive Father
GeorgeALT - Adoptive Father
Connor - Adoptive Father
Sapnap - Uncle
Wren - Sibling
Toby - Sibling
Thea - Close Friend
Tommy - Close Friend

The Baja Blast System

Multiple Relations

Most Noteable Relations In-System:

Wilbur - Adoptive Father
Tape - Close Friend
Ted - Close Friend
John - Close Friend
Minx - Close Friend
Mami - Close Friend


One of the Close Homies B]
"Great Nephew"
(Son of Rosie + RW Porrim)


Comfort Songs & Music I Tend To Play On Loop


((Note: I consider all of my interests to be comforts))

Special Interests:

Kingdom Hearts & Checkerboard


Bolded = Hyperfixation

-Playing Guitar
-Theatre & Acting
-The musical Pippin (2013 Revival)
-The Chuckle Sandwich Podcast
-Sanders Sides
-Peppermint Tea


-Twenty Øne Piløts
-Jon Bellion
-Yung Gravy
-Mother Mother
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Owl City
-100 Gecs